Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Step 2

Well, I have several sculptures done now and 5 gallons of silicone shipping in, so next week it'll be time to suit up and make some molds. Here are some pictures of some sculpts that I have photoshopped to look somewhat like they will once cast in concrete.

I also need to get out to the barn and start on some forms for hypertufa (faux rock) planters. Once the weather starts getting warmer we'll want to start making some bird baths and planters, as well as water fountains, so nows the ime to get their forms ready. I've kind of had it with the fiddly tight presicion work of small scale scultping for now, so it'll be nice to work on some larger beefier things.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

WARNING, The Following Message May Be Gross...

...and is, so don't be reading this while you're munching your've been warned!

Here's a visual for you. Our second rat has passed on. (The first died before the move) This one was nearing 2, so had a decent life. (Despite being a female and living with the unfortunate name Scabbers, thanks to JKR) It was in pretty sad shape last few days, and we were on a death watch. When it got bad enough I would have closed it tightly in a plastic bag and let it suffocate. Figure that's more humane than smacking it with a shovel.

Anyhoo, we were out somewheres and when we got back Quinn comes running over and says "The cat scratched Scabbers tail!" What he meant of course, was that the rat was lying helpless in the cage, sucking and wheezing out it's last breath as the cat sat there chewing on it's tail which was sticking out of the cage. Eating it alive basically. The rat too "on deaths door" to notice. Nice. Boney little end of a bloody tail sticking out, eyes bulging. You get the picture. I did warn you. Take that Mr. Brendan 'I once had to clean rat blood off the wall' Russell. We had to wipe it off our victorious cat! I win! In your face! (I'll never touch another pogo as long as I live...)

So, the rat is now wrapped up in a modified cereal box in the freezer, awaiting the big thaw and final resting place. At least this one will have the dignity of a proper burial, instead of going out in the green bin like the previous one. (PS, don't put your x-pets in the green bin kids!) The kids have drawn pictures and memories on a peice of paper that we'll further wrap the box in, they seem to be taking it fairly well. There have been a few nice distractions this weekend to help them take their minds off the tragedy. Visitors, cousins, swimming lessons, biscotti, etc.

No photo this post. Yes, you're welcome.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

One Track Mind

What goes on at school when the kids are far from the prying eyes of parents? What kind of horribly embarrasing things do your children say to teachers and comrades? What secrets do they reveal? What kind of trouble do they get into that you never find out about? Do you really want any of these questions answered?

I think for the most part much of the things that go on are pretty innocent, and their teachers have probably learned to take most of the things they hear with a grain of salt. You never know with Quinn though, he has such a one track mind, and when he gets going on something, he doesn't let up.

Here's a great (and innocent) example of Quinn's one track mind. Can you guess which cartoon featuring a (barely) talking dog and his gang of parapsychologists Quinn has been watching by carefully studying his homework? What other words start with 'G'?

Notice the teacher suggests Quinn read this to us...

Although the green is striking, I do think I prefer the dripping goon. "Goons always drip." says Quinn.

Mission Statement

The last thing I want to do is have a mission statement. I don't want to write about what this blog may contain in the future, because I have no idea. I don't really like blogs. I mean I like reading them on occasion, but actually participating in one? What would be the purpose? Would it be about my wife and kids? About the gallery we are attempting to open? About our new life in rural Prince Edward County after living so long in the big smoke? About the muddled inside of my own braincase? All, some or none of these things? Who knows? This is likely something that I will work on religiously for about a week, then abandon. Just a way to pass the time between sculpting and vaccuming. Actually, that kinda does sound like a mission statement doesn't it... Crap.