Thursday, January 22, 2009

January Wish List

Well here we are, January. I've been a bit neglectful of this blog, but with relatively good reason. I believe actually living life should generally take precedence over writing or musing about it. Having said that, it seems my version of living life is working 24/7.

Truthfully though, the past few weeks have been slower work-wise. Christmas was nuts as usual, and now I am recovering from a minor elective surgery. Nothing serious, but tends to take the wind out of your sails for a week or two. I am now firmly on the road to recovery, and looking down it I once again see the looming mountain of work waiting for me. Perhaps now is a good time to pause, and think about what is needing to be done in the next few months.

There are several things I'd like to accomplish this year aside from my current day (and night) job. In no particular order they are as follows:

1) I'd like to start a second blog.
"HA!" you say. "Because there is so much material bursting out of your head you need to spread it out between 2 blogs?! Ha! again!"
Actually I'd like to start an illustration blog, with my own pictures and drawings. I just feel it would be best to keep that in a separate section of the virtual world, as I think it would have a very different theme and feel from this blog. Of course, it means I have to have content to post, and since the majority of my work is not for public viewing, this presents a hurdle.

2) I'd like to post more often on this blog. C'mon, at least once a month for pity's sake.

3) I HAVE to redo the Goat website. It was created before the gallery itself, and since the whole project was and is an ever evolving process, the current website has little to do with the actual 'Goat-tique' This has to be a priority this winter.

4) I really should be adding to the collection of sculptures I have made so far. They were'nt quite as big a hit as they were the first year, and I believe the line needs some freshening up with some new life put into it.

5) I'd like to make it to EVERY comic jam this year. So far I get to about one in three or so. Not only is it a fun night out, but there are great people there to connect with socially and industry wise.

6) Oh let's see what else. There are about a billion things that need doing all around the house. Electrical upgrades, kitchen and bathroom renos, insulation, windows, doors, exterior steps, tree cutting downs and ups, barn upgrade projects... The list is endless, and so is the price tag.

Well that's the major stuff anyways. There's more but maybe on a more personal level. If I manage most of the stuff on the list it'll be a stellar year, but we'll see what happens. Of course it's already the waning half of January, and once I manage to get this couch off my butt I've got some real stuff to do, but it's still early enough to have hope.

Here's a wintery shot of the barn for you, while you wait for me to return.