Saturday, July 5, 2008

Beer Can Chicken

I love this way of cooking chicken. For me, I tend to over cook things on the bbq, so chicken in particular gets kind of dry. By shoving a beer can (or pop) up it's nethers, it allows me to leave it on the q for extra time, and keeps it very moist. Of course I burned the veggies cause I waited too long, but so be it.

Here he is after just a few minutes.

I've used a can of Kilkenny, but I have used others such as coke in the past. I put him on a tin pie plate, cause the first time I did it I didn't use anything, and the result was a pretty black chicken. We don't generally eat the skin, so it didn't really matter, but the pie plate also allows you to baste. The result is a beautifully colored chicken, like this.

He needs just a few more minutes here. I use a digital thermometer to make sure he is cooked through. Really I worry more about the kids than myself. I've never had any problems, but I assume it's because I'm careful. And probably lucky.

I also refuse to buy a beer can chicken holder. You see these things around pretty much anywhere. I really believe it's a gimmick designed to take your money. Think about it, chickens can stand very well from the moment they are hatched. How is this different? Well, OK, it's not really standing on it's own, but I think you'll find the little pecker will stand up remarkably well. Between the can and the legs and its butt, it's pretty stable. The tough part is getting it on and off the grill. I just used an oven mitt and a pair of tongs, and had some help with the sliding door.

This bird was basted with an olive oil/basil/Italian salad dressing mix, and I stuck a few cloves of garlic down his gullet as well. The garlic flavors the bird of course, but it also helps to trap in some of that steam, which is the main idea of this method after all.

Try it, I'm telling you it makes a damn fine bird!

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JuliaMazal said...

that chicken looks deelish